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causes of acid refluxIf you experience heartburn symptoms, there are particular foods that are the causes for acid reflux and will surely induce a painful attack. The most logical thing to do would be to stay away from these foods all together however, they are deeply ingrained into most peoples diets today.

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The 7 Foods That Are Causes of Acid Reflux


    1. Chocolate
      Chocolate contains caffeine, theobromine, cocoa and is high in fat. These are all known causes of acid reflux.


    1. Alcohol
      Hard liquor, wine and beer are suspected to cause heartburn. Although none of these are acidic, any form of alcohol seems to relax the lower esophageal sphincter, which in turn, spurs acid reflux attacks.


    1. Meats – High in Fat
      Lamb, beef and pork are considered to be the high-fat meats. These have a tendency to linger in the stomach longer, which could trigger an attack of heartburn. Try limiting your intake of these to maybe once a week. And switch to a leaner cut.


    1. Butter and Cheese
      It’s a fact that all food that is high in fat are the causes of acid reflux. Butter and cheese are both on this list. Use these foods on as flavorful ingredients and not as a main course. If you can, use a low-fat versions in your cooking.


    1. Foods That Are Fried
      Fried foods are most commonly associated with heartburn attacks. Again, the reason is that they are high in fat content. This is especially true with food that is deep-fried.


    1. Caffeine
      One or even two cups of coffee a day maybe alright however, you should never be one of those people who drink it all day. That is just asking for heartburn. Should you wish a hot drink, try decaffeinated hot tea.


  1. Soda Pop
    Soda pop again is considered to be one of the main causes of acid reflux. The carbonation tends to expand the stomach which places increased pressure, triggering an attack. It is recommended to stay away from any carbonated beverage, especially ones containing caffeine.


All of the above mentioned foods are the causes of acid reflux. If you limit your consumption of these, you may be able to lessen or even eliminate your symptoms of acid reflux symptoms.


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